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The Open Air Program organizes counterpoint to the cultural non-profit organization. The organization of the biggest theater event of the year is attended by more than 60 members, whose members are connected with belonging and love for culture and our city Hradec Králové. With great commitment, these 60 professional production professionals, marketers, technical staff, as well as students and volunteers strive to make your every day at the festival unforgettable to fill you with joy and cultural experiences.
If the Open Air Program is your heart, you have a unique opportunity to support it. You can contribute financially, but also donations (material for scenography, refreshments for the artist and team…).

Believe that any form of help will be a great satisfaction for us and will definitely be rewarded.

For more information write to barbora@openairprogram.cz.

General partners
Statutární město Hradec KrálovéCalendarium Regina
Main partners
Královéhradecký krajStátní fond kultury ČRKlicperovo divadloDivadlo DrakMinisterstvo kultury ČR
Nová síť cultural networkTop security
Media partners
Český rozhlas Hradec KrálovéHradecký deník
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