An extraordinary year of the theatre festival with the subtitle THIS YEAR DIFFERENT, which will take place in the Flošna car park and in the Širák summer cinema and which will be dominantly realized in the form of a drive-in theatre. This format, which respects all government and hygiene measures and which allows for flexible regulation of the number of spectators.


The main program at Flošna is divided into three evening program blocks for all three days, starting at 6 pm, 8.30 pm and 11 pm (Sat 11.30 pm). The Širák Summer Cinema will host a morning and afternoon program for families with children. In connection with smaller restrictions because of the coronavirus, we are currently preparing a small open stage with a program for small and large spectators in front of the Dragon Theater. The detailed program will be published on Monday 19.6.2020.


The pre-sale of tickets to the Širák Summer Cinema and Flošna car park started on Friday 5 June at 10 am in the pre-sale of the Klicpera Theater and online at www.hkpoint.cz.

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