About festival

Since 2000, the Open Air Program Hradec Králové has been a traditional part of the International Festival Theatre of European Regions held annually in the second half of June in Hradec Králové. It is an eight-day non-competitive show of domestic and foreign theatrical art, which is complemented by a number of other artistic disciplines (performances, music, fine arts and others. The festival has an exclusive character for its artistic openness and viewer accessibility within the territory of the Czech Republic. The performances take place on almost 20 open air scenes in the historic center of the city with 150 sets or individuals participating and playing over 200 performances. The outdoor part of the festival has approximately 50 thousand visitors. OAP is classed among prestigious events supported by the city of Hradec Králové in the program Calendarium Regina, Hradec Králové Region, Ministry of culture of the Czech Republic and State Fund of Culture.
The Cultural nonprofit organisation Kontrapunkt has been operating in Hradec Králové since 2005 (originally under the name Poco and Poco Animato). The main aim of the projects is to involve the residents in the cultural and social events in the city, to establish professional cooperation and to create a creative community of Hradec Králové.
Since 2010, Kontrapunkt has been organising one of the most important and at the same time longest and most demanding events in the city and region of Hradec Králové, namely the Open Air Program. Since 2015, Kontrapunk is the organizer of a major international music event, the festival Jazz jde městem / Jazz Goes to TownKontrapunkt also organizes community-type events which included a number of creative and cultural meetings Zaber Hradec! and more. In 2018 the Kontrapunkt implemented two new projects – the project of opened gallery in the public space Walk Thru Gallery and the Hradec Kralove Architectural Manual (KAM).

Our goals

  • Create a communication and collaborative platform for creative people, informal art clusters and other organisations
  • To hold different manifestations of artistic activity and to interconnect them, to provide them with background or professional consultation
  • To present an unprofessional artistic activity
  • To enter local, regional and international cultural networks to map the creative and artistic potential of the city of Hradec Kralove and its region
  • Create conditions for the cultural use of public spaces (streets, squares, parks)
  • Involve the local public in cultural and social events
  • Support international cooperation in the field of culture and creativity
  • Create and implement projects based on the needs of the local community to open a debate on the emergence of a culture house for alternative artistic activities

Our team

Barbora Hodonická
kontrapunkt NGO director
Andrea Moličová
theatre production
Karolína Pláničková
Zdeněk Charvát
theatre and music technician
Stanislav Barnet
technical collateral, logistics and security
Lucie Maříková
communication with performers
Helena Herzánová
social media 
Jakub Fabián
music program
Luboš Říha
catering and stall sale
Natálie Kratochvíle
creative content
Aneta Kohoutová
creative content

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