Open Air Program is open to all theatre and scenic forms. The main aim of the festival is to revive atriums, squares, streets and other public spaces in the centre of Hradec Králové. This event includes each year more than 200 performances and art interventions and up to 150 theater companies from the Czech Republic and abroad. Not just theatre performances happen there. There are also shows for children, workshops, concerts, exhibitions, installations, lectures and discussions, which are often attended by a significant figure of art scene.

Open Air Program organized by: cultural NGO kontrapukt  


Deadline for the applications: February 28, 2019
Registration is closed in this moment.
The organizer to performers: 
  • Provides the basic technical and production facilities.
  • Determines the most appropriate performing area, while respecting technical and spatial requirements of the ensemble.
  • Ensure the presence in the festival catalog, on the website of the Open Air Program and other mass media based on the perfomace information and annotations.
  • Ensure the permit for parking during the necessary time needed for loading and unloading the decoration.
  • Sign Agreement on Artistic Performance or Performing Work of Art, including the above mentioned conditions.
  • Ensures free „Last Minute Tickets" for performances in the programm of the Theatre european regions.
  • Performs at its own expense and at its own risk.
  • Agrees to sign a performance which premiere was before the closing date for applications for the festival
  • Ensures all the technical and organizational needs related to the performance, including the copyright (the organizer of OAP does not!)
  • Enclose the technical rider to the form, which becomes a part of the Agreement.
  • The ensemble can itself promote its performances, such as distributing or exhibiting posters, flyers etc., but is responsible for ensuring that the advertising labels will be afixed only by tying and will be removed after the show.
  • Can send the posters for an early promotion to the organizer.
Important notes at the end!
Playing venues are in the open air.
Moves or curtains are not available.
Darkness (for lighting) is up at 10:15pm.    

Terms of accomodation
We are providing an accommodation (hotel - bedding, bathroom in the room) for the artists on the day when they performe. This years accommodation contribution (paid by artist) is 160 Kč per person.  Cancel the reservation is possible until the day before an arrival. In case of late cancelation we will require the full cost of accommodation - 570 CZK per person/per night.

Options of venues
...are enclosed to the form in pdf document.